Get Creative With Halloween Crafts.

Halloween crafts are a perfect way to add fun to the holiday.Get in touch with your creative side and get crafty.It’s starting to get cold outside so it is the perfect time to stay inside with the kid’s,and make some stuff to decorate the house.
Make a halloween chain it’s fun to do with the kid’s,and creates instant moody decorations.Hang around doors,rooms,and chandliers.
Use black and orange or add some other colours if you like.Cut 1 inch wide strips of construction paper.Fold one orange strip over until the ends touch and glue in place forming a circle.Take a black strip and place it through the orange circle.Bend the tips until the ends touch and glue in place linking the circles.
Repeat until you have your desired length of chain.
A neat little craft to keep little hands busy,and a cheap frugal decoration!
Another craft is to provide the kid’s with medium size orange,or black gift bags.Give them some halloween stickers,glue,glitter,and some markers.Let them decorate their bags to use for all their goodies on halloween.
Let them make a spooky banner to hang on the fireplace.This is a cute little craft as well as a nice decoration.Print your letters onto card stock.Make a ruffled border with a sheet of decorative paper cut into strips,accordion folded,then glued to the back of each letter that you cut from the cardstock.Then punch a small hole into the ruffles and thread a piece of ribbon through for hanging.Save and use every halloween.
So get started the count down is on just 12 days left!


3 thoughts on “Get Creative With Halloween Crafts.

  1. Jennifer says:

    I’m always looking for new Halloween craft ideas. I like these! Cheers!

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