Fast Easy Halloween Costumes.

ImageImageImage                                                                                                                               Sometimes even though we have been given constant reminders from our kid’s,who are looking forward to a big candy haul.Sometimes halloween sneaks up on us,but do not let the looming deadline scare you.I have found some fast,affordable costumes you can put together in a hurry.There is also a few that will take a little time.

Be a mummy wrap the person in gauze leaving the face out so it doesn’t obstruct anyones vision.Then you can add some green paint to splotch around to make it look like mold.You can also crack open a glow stick, and splash it around the gauze and you will glow for a few hours.

Another fast one is to be static cling.Dress in all white or black sweats,or any colour you choose.Then using safety pins attach socks,undies,washclothes,etc all over your outfit.You can even add a bounce sheet  in there.Use hairspray and tease your hair up straight,to make it stand up.

If your child has a bodysuit in pink,brown,or white just add a powder puff to the backside as a rabbit’s tail.You can also use a large pom- pom as the tail.Make some bunny ears out of construction paper and a plastic head band.Fast ,easy,and cheap.

Make a princess tu-tu from strips of waxed paper,plastic bags,and mesh onion bags.Knot the plastic bags onto a pink headband.Use a coloured body suit and tights add a tiara from the dollar store,another cheap,fast costume.

Using cardboard boxes the possibilities are endless for costumes.Cut arm and head holes out of a box,remember the shorter the box the easier it is to walk in.Paint the box white and then add some black dots with acyrilic paint to make a dice.

Do the same to the box to be a rubix cube,cut the arms and head holes out.Then using coloured construction paper cut into squares measure to be sure everything is even.Then attach the squares to the box using black electrical,or duct tape.This will give the look of a black line on the rubix cube while securing the squares at the sametime.

Homemade costumes look better,and are alot more fun!

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