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Childs Dress Up Box.

For kids who like to dress up you can fill up a box of dress up items from a thrift shop. Also add some accessories from the dollar store. You can also find Halloween reduced costumes in stores. For a boy a plastic tool box with a handle would be great for his items. Use your imagination for decorating the boxes. These make great christmas ideas for young children.


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Snowman Kit Gift Idea.

Make a snowman kit for the little kid’s on your list.
1.Dig around in your closets (or head to a thrift store) for all those snowman essentials: a button nose two eyes made out of coal (rocks will work), a carrot nose (play food, perhaps?) a scarf, a set of mittens, two sticks for his arms, a few more buttons for his middle and a couple more rocks for his mouth.
2.Then, have some fun accessorizing. Add a wig, a crazy hat, some jewelry, a pair of shades – whatever you think will amuse the recipient.
3.Finish by sticking all the pieces in a box, and creating a fancy label for your kit,or put into a drawstring bag this gift can be used year after year.
Cute, thrifty idea for young ones.
Another really cute idea for giving money is to put bills inside a frame and add a little sign says in an emergency break glass! I love this idea

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Chocolate Peppermint Candy Sticks.

These are so easy to make,just put 5 candy sticks in a clear cellophane bag,then staple them closed.Then use decorative paper labels to attach to the top.Cute little gifts!
You will need:
1 cup dark or milk chocolate chips
1 teaspoon vegetable oil
15 (4-inch) soft or hard peppermint sticks
white nonpareils

1.In a small bowl, microwave the chocolate chips and oil for 1 minute, then continue in 10-second bursts, stirring between heatings. When most, but not all, of the chips have melted, stir the chocolate until it is smooth.

2.Spread the nonpareils on a sheet of waxed paper. Dip one end of each peppermint stick into the chocolate, then roll it in the nonpareils. Set the sticks on another sheet of waxed paper until the chocolate has set, about 1 hour.
Great for stocking stuffers.

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Creepy Bandaid Crackers,

These gruesome cookies are sure to creep out your party guests. If they are brave enough to try one they are sure to love them.

Approximate Time: 1 hour


Wilton Cookie Icing
graham crackers
red cake decorating gel


Break the graham cracker sheets into fourths. NOTE: I found that a sharp knife pressed into the seam between the crackers makes it easier to separate them.
I found that chilling the icing made it easier to work with, otherwise its too runny. Draw an outline of a square in the center of each cracker, then fill it in.
Allow the icing to harden. That will take about 60 minutes.
Put a blob of red decorating gel into each “band-aid pad”. Varying the placement and shape makes them look more real. Use a toothpick to spread the decorating gel.
Consider serving them on a plate with a box of band-aids.Such a neat idea!

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Weekly Writing Challenge Kids Kids Kids

I have seven children,and it would definitely depend on the environment of the place I was taking them to.I believe there is many well behaved children with great manners that should be allowed to go out to a nice restaurant,and other places.A night at a bar,horror movies,or any place that would be inappropiate no.
If you have a child you know will not be polite,or cooperative,and has a penchant for taking loud screaming fits,then I suggest heading to Mc Donalds,or get a sitter.You probably need a break anyway.
As a parent with so many children when I am out in a nice restaurant I want some peace and quiet.I do not want to hear some child who is laying on the floor squealing,and kicking his or her legs in a tantrum.While mom,or dad tries to get hold of the situation.Some mom’s just believe in ignoring the tantrum anyway.
I learned some time ago from experience leave the youngr ones at home.I once had a child who was mind you being very well behaved,but to my horror threw up all over the table.It was so embarrassing,but the waitress was great,and she helped me clean it quickly.Then I got the hell out of there,but not before leaving her a big fat tip!

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Kids Are Funny.

I was doing my housework the other day,and Dacoda wanted to wear Hope’s new sweater.Hope is in the picture above she is five.I heard Hope tell Dacoda she could wear the sweater,but if she looked to pretty in it she said, you’ll have to take it off!

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Oh So Cool Pumpkin Ideas.

Why do jack-o-lanterns have stupid smiles on their faces?You’d have a stupid smile,too.if you just had all your brains scooped out.

I found some really creative pumpkin decorating ideas around the web,to get you inspired.To give you some ideas to get those creative juices flowing.Look like a pro and copy some of these designs! My favourite is definitely the caterpillar pumpkins.Oh some people are just so creative!

Let the kid’s decorate pumpkins with paint,glue,glitter,yarn,ribbons,and construction paper.That way they do not have to use a knife.You will be surprised at what they create.I suggest doing this outside,use alot of newspaper to cover their work surfaces.Then let them go to town ,and have fun!

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Can I Please Pee Alone.


As any mom knows who has a few kid’s soon realizes the bathroom isn’t a private place any longer,you will probably not pee alone for a few years.They don’t care what your doing when they have something to tell you.My bathroom lock does not work,and I can’t seem to get the hubby to fix it.Maybe because they do not bother him in the tub!

One day I was trying to soak and for some reason the lock was working,but not for long.I heard Hope my five year old coming up the stairs calling my name,I didn’t answer hoping she would go away for a bit,and leave me to soak.Fat chance,when she tried the handle she started yelling to all the other kid’s that she had a very important emergency.As I heard all the kid’s tromping up the stairs she was urgently telling them that mom was locked in the bathroom.

I still didn’t answer them I was to busy laughing to get it out that I was okay.I heard my 8 year old Cash running for the tools.Well it took them about 5 minutes ,and they had me out.Crisis averted.Thank God they did not call 911!

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Three Nifty Tips of the Day.


Here is three great tips of the day! Ever had teens in the house ,sometimes money laying around can be tempting,so just hide it in an empty chapstick container.Just hope they don’t need your chapstick.Cool idea!

Keep an apple in your child’s lunch from browning by lunch time,after cutting the apple put it back together with an elastic band.This is great for young children.

Have you ever had a child get hurt and then freaks out when they see the blood.Be prepared next time carry a red washcloth in your first aid kit,then they won’t see the blood.I wish my mother had of knew about this tip,my sister would scream bloody murder when she seen the blood.

What are some of your tips and tricks?


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Top Five Breakfasts for School Mornings.

ImageImageImage The most important meal of the day is breakfast.It boosts memory and concentration.So think easy and healthy,when it comes too those rushed school mornings.Try to prepare as much as you can the night before.Like setting the table,pouring the cereal,cutting up fruit.One thing I do is make pancake batter and syrup the night before,then pour them into a squeeze bottles in the fridge.You can also add fresh fruit to your pancakes.Cereal is always great ,and fast as well as peanut butter toast.Try these top five breakfasts for school mornings,vanilla yogurt topped with diced pears,and low fat granola.Whole grain cereal,peanut butter and banana sandwiches,cheese and crackers with a hand-ful of grapes for those really running late mornings.Make an omelete just chop the veggies the night before.Yogurt and pears can be prepared into small cups the night before and placed in the fridge.

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