Three Nifty Little Tricks.



Have you ever broken your flip flop? I have so many times ,I can’t even count how many pairs I have tossed out because of this over the years.It always happens when your out and about.You end up going through the grocery store with only one shoe on feeling quite the fool.Thank goodness I was not expecting a baby,you know the old saying.Always carry a bread tag in your purse with you.You can then push the broken part of your shoe back through the bottom, and attach the bread clip to hold into place.Problem solved!

If you need to hang up a picture, and there is no clip on the back of your frame, just use a top of a coke can tab, and screw it onto the back of your picture.

`When you come out on a cold winter morning your wipers are full of ice never clean them off again.When your not driving just slide an old pair of socks onto your windshield wipers to keep them ice free

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