My Saturday Shopping Deals.

I bought 6 Baby Rays barbecue sauces they were 2.49,I had 6- 2.00 off coupons from newspaper insert cost 2.87  at Metro.At Wal-Mart I got 30 more dove shampoos,and conditioners. I had a 2.00 off coupon when you buy 2 dove products, they were 50 cents a piece for trial sizes.Those coupons are on coupon boards in Super store,and Valu Mart,so all those were free.Also 10 protein bars all free from coupon insert in newspaper.I also bought two more tampax sample packs, they were 1.00 each,I had 2 -1.00 off coupons from mail outs.If you want to learn all about couponing in Canada go to I had so many coupons I left some in the stores for other people to use also.I just put them on the shelf beside the item.The protein bars are not in the picture because I gave them too my older son.Image        I cannot believe how much money people throw away in our society.There is so many of these coupon inserts in the recycling bins that can be given too the food banks.You will not believe what you can save by couponing,also you can help by donating all your extra things you get to the food banks.

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