Creepy Bandaid Crackers,

These gruesome cookies are sure to creep out your party guests. If they are brave enough to try one they are sure to love them.

Approximate Time: 1 hour


Wilton Cookie Icing
graham crackers
red cake decorating gel


Break the graham cracker sheets into fourths. NOTE: I found that a sharp knife pressed into the seam between the crackers makes it easier to separate them.
I found that chilling the icing made it easier to work with, otherwise its too runny. Draw an outline of a square in the center of each cracker, then fill it in.
Allow the icing to harden. That will take about 60 minutes.
Put a blob of red decorating gel into each “band-aid pad”. Varying the placement and shape makes them look more real. Use a toothpick to spread the decorating gel.
Consider serving them on a plate with a box of band-aids.Such a neat idea!

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