Summer Fun Bucket.

Here is your three tips too add to your summer fun bucket.Try rock painting,this is one of my kid’s favourites!Go out and collect a variety of different shaped rocks.You should wash them the night before you paint,leave them dry overnight.Why not create some special lady bugs.You can keep on the porch,or inside in a special place.Try to select round or oval rocks for these.Use tempura paint works best.Try black and yellow for a bumble bee.Give the kid’s some ideas then let them use their imaginations.Image                                                                               Let younger kid’s play with coloured water.Get four or five plastic buckets depending on how many colours you want.Just fill with water, and add a couple of drops of food colouring ,and stir.Add some plastic bottles,cups,and spoons.Pretty much whatever you have around your house.Let them play in green water for crocodile potion.Use red coloured and let them bob for apples.Then let them go to work.This is a really cheap fun activity.ImageImageImage         Try making homemade stickers.Use 1 tablespoon of jello,2 tablespoons of boiling water. Mix it up and paint it on your chosen sticker pictures.Paint it on with a paint brush ,and let dry.Then just lick it and stick it.Print out pictures the night before apply the jello mix ,and make homemade sticker books!ImageImage

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  1. Bob Smyth says:

    this article was great.

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