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DIY Art Caddy.

I originally thought when making the boy’s their art caddy for their bedroom, that I would use a combination of pails and a wooden cutlery caddy. But before I even got there, I found a utensil caddy at Target for $11.99 {which was my back-up plan anyway}, and I knew it was by far the best solution and would be moved to my main plan!

Target had a plethora of utensil caddy’s in their summer seasonal section, and the caddy’s were a GREAT size to be used as a caddy for far more than just utensils!
have to use up all that extra chalk board paint some how! One little project at a time! This one really couldn’t be more perfect for chalk board paint though, I mean it’s a kid’s art caddy after all!!
Talk about an easy peasy project! Painting was fun, but more fun ensued when it was time to fill it up with all the kiddos randomly placed art supplies!
The divided portions of the caddy are great for keeping markers, crayons and color pencils in their respective sections!I snagged some small canning jars for the other odd shaped crafting items:
And tucked those inside the other side of the caddy:
Along with scissors, paint, glue and wiggly eyes! You can’t have an art caddy without wiggly eyes!!
The end result is something that I can tuck up on a shelf in the boys room, and they can easily snag it and carry it to the kitchen table or floor to work on their creative crafty projects! Score, 1 point MOM!
OK, time to spill a secret. I picked up two more of those utensil caddy’s for two more organizing projects that I can’t wait to share! Any guesses as to what they might be?

What other ways have you been whipping up fantastic art storage for your little artists?ArtCaddy1ArtCaddy14ArtCaddy15

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Free cleaning Check List.

At http://tidymom.net/2011/annual-cleaning/ she is offering four free cleaning check lists for daily,weekly,monthly,and yearly cleaning.If your behind and don’t know where to start this might be a good idea.I need them for myself,now just finding the time,and energy for it!

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Frugal Organization Ideas.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage Hers some neat ideas from around the web for cheap organization ideas.Silverware holders can be used in the bathroom to organize your cosmetics,also you can use them for organizing jewlery.Empty drink box containers can be used for alot of storage ideas one is for your children’s arts and crafts supplies.Also is great for picnics to organize cutlery,condiments,and napkins.You can use it as a car caddy to hold things in on a trip or everyday use.Cereal boxes cut short and just using the bottom part of the boxes makes it easy to organize your desk drawers.Use a baby wipe container to store yarn in,also put your grocery bags in them.Use bread ties to organize those tangled cords,and label them.Just use a marker and write on the tag.Use old buttons to store your earrings on them.Use an old toilette paper roll to store your hair bands,bobby pins,and barrettes on them.We are constantly looking for our hair accessories so this is one I will be using.Always looking for tweezers? Just attach a magnet inside your medicine cabinet and keep the tweezers there.Keep your camera safe as well as being able to find it easier in your purse by putting it into a soap case.Use a towel bar to hang cleaning supplies on,or spray perfumes in the bathroom.Use a paper clip on wrapping paper rolls to keep it from unravelling.Heres a great tip if your mornings are busy make pancake batter at night and put into a squeeze ketchup bottle in the fridge.Then it’s easier in the morning no prep work.

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Free Printables for Organization.


First jennymeierevents.blogspot.ca has toiletries tags for make-up,tooth paste,and jewlery and much more.There is 30 tags per sheet.Great for organizing your bathroom,bedroom areas and good for travelling.Containerstore.com has assorted tags about a dozen to choose from in different sizes to print via pdf.If your organizing the pantry,cuboards or your kitchen in general ,contents has assorted colours to choose from and a blank space to note your package contents.Jinjerup.blogspot.com has fun kitchen designs with a blank center to fill in whatever you wish.There is 8 per page pdf download.These are great if your moving to keep all your boxes organized.There is an assorted list of contents for kitchen,living room,bathroom,bedroom,and office etc.Via pdf download.These are at theprojectgirl.com.At msnoles.blogspot.ca you will find numbered circular black and white polka dot borders with numbers from 1 to 12.At michellekanfmann.com you will find set of three kelly green or grey green printables for glass,plastic,and paper for recycling boxes.Go to wordlabel.com for a variety of colours and designs too choose from and you can type in whatever you want before printing.Use for file folders,coupons,binders and more.Also emeals.com  you can make a household notebook lots of ideas and printables.These should help you get organized and keep life running a bit smoother.

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Thrifty Road Trips with Children.

ImageRoad trips with kid’s will be more relaxing and fun for everyone if you have activities for entertaining along the way.Some kid’s by temperament are harder to travel with than others.So be prepared.Family vacation is an oxy-moron you can take the family,but with kid’s you will not get a vacation.How do I know this? I have seven!                                                                                                                                                   You can buy cookie sheets at the dollar store,and sheets of magnets.Put a magnet on the back of every puzzle piece,so the pieces will stay on the sheet.Then the kid’s can do puzzles while your driving,and pieces will not be all over the place.Also cookie sheets make good trays  for colouring,or snacking on.                                                                                                                                                   Print out colouring sheets,and staple together.Bring a pack of markers.Don’t use crayons if it is going to be hot out.Learned this by experience.Put some beads,and string in old margarine containers.You can also buy magnetic travel games at the dollar store,only use these for travel that way it feels like something new for them.                                                                                                                                                 Also let each child choose their favourite toys,books,or games.Limit them or you may end up with everything in your trunk.Put some dollar store items in a paper bag for each child, fill it with things you know they like.Don’t even tell them you have them.Only use if you have too.                                                                                                                                                   Play a game of counting cars you pass.Tell them to only count certain colour cars.My sister use to drive me crazy on road trips.Anyone ever hear of punch buggy no return?My arm still hurts.Print out song lyrics,and sing together no matter how horrible your voice is.My kid’s plug their ears when I sing.You can borrow story cds from your library.Bring a small thing of bubbles for each child .You will have to wipe down the car after,but it’s fun.                                                                                                                                                    You can try a game of eye spy!  An oldie but a goodie.One player starts by describing something she spies,the spied object can be described by letters,or colours.As in I spy something that starts with c,or blue.Each player will try to guess what it is.If it’s a really long trip let them bring a pillow and blanket they just might have a nap.Also bring snack bags of cut up fruits,and veggies,cheese,and crackers.I would definitely skip any sugar treats.Make sure too bring bottles of water from your own tap.Who wants to pay for water? Try to stop often let the kids stretch their legs,and use the bathroom.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     If all else fails put earplugs in and have a good cry!

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