Double Trouble, Twice as Nice: Two very cute dried fig, rosemary and honey muffins

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Before I start, let’s all do a quick experiment. Take one of your cookbooks and go to the baking chapter. My guess is that you’re looking at recipes for giant cakes, huge pies and an enormous batch of cookies. They all require ludicrous quantities of flour, sugar and butter and most of the time it feels as if you will be baking for an entire army…

Although I won’t deny that these recipes are ravishingly decadent and an ideal treat on family gatherings, sometimes you just want to bake for … well… you. Admittedly, you could easily indulge in a pristine-looking pie all by yourself and yes, you could finish that enormous batch of cupcakes on your own, but let’s face it, ladies: Doing so would neither be to the advantage of your butt-size nor would it be beneficial to your blood sugar level.

So in an attempt to steer…

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