A Letter To Ashly.

No one knows how fierce a mothers love can be.She will die for her child just look at a mother bear robbed of her cubs.That is how fierce it can be.
When I first held you in my arms it was definitely love at first site.I felt a fierce protectiveness for you something I had not ever had for any other human being before and never since.
Then before I knew it you this new little being took over my life and my home but in a good way.Then it was not long before your first tooth,first steps,first day of school.
Then like a puff of air you were a teenager,and whether I liked it or not it is time to pull back.Then before you know it they go out into the world to make their own life, and have a child of their own.You have no choice but to let them go.
Then she’s gone at the age of 26.Died because one doctor made the wrong decision.Gone forever.
That last day we were together as I watched you pull your suitcase up the sidewalk.I look at your back as your going away and wave back as you turn to me for the very last time.I would have never let you go if I had of knew,or even had the slightest clue.If I had I would of become that mother bear robbed of her cubs.I replay that image over and over in my mind as you are walking away, if only I had of known that would be our last time together.I would of ran to you and I would have never let you go.

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