No need for kneading: No fuss sundried tomato whole-wheat loaf

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I have a confession to make, dear readers: I’ve never baked bread. (*gasp*)

There. It’s out.

The fact that I haven’t so much as touched yeast must be terrifying for you all (for which I’m terribly sorry. Please take a deep breath). I’ve been bombarding you with delicious cakes and super sweet desserts ever since I gave birth to my precious little blog here, and I do consider myself a bit of a cake snob (My sarcastic remarks thrown at some of the Great British Bake Off contestants- when they for instance accidently put in salt instead of sugar- are Oscar-winning, Pulitzer-prize-deserving material) but when it comes to bread… nothing.

In fact, The Bake Off’s “Bread Week” is probably the only time when I’m not yelling at the telly and just staring in utter amazement- and fright!- at the screen. The whole process just seems so incredibly daunting: the…

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