Hospital Probes Death Of Two Young Moms

10423_157228285878_959473_n2013-0725-JenniferRyan-600x335Hospital probes fatal infections

It’s been more than six months since two young women died suddenly, just weeks apart at Hamilton General Hospital. Now the mother of one of the women is speaking out, saying she doesn’t think doctors did enough to save her daughter. The hospital tells CHCH News it has reviewed its processes, and are making changes that will hopefully help future patients.

“I laid in the bed with her and she said to me ‘mum, I’m going to die’, and then I said ‘no you’re not Jenn’. She knew she was going to die, and my first thought was meningitis.”

Shelley Ryan first brought her daughter Jennifer to Hamilton General Hospital on January 10th. The 24-year old had been vomiting for three days, her left arm was stiff, she had a headache and a fever of 106, her back covered in blotches.

“It came back as pneumonia, the doctor said. And I said no. It’s something else.”

Jennifer was sent home. two days later her mother called 911. After spending the night in hospital it appeared things were turning around. She was sitting up in bed and talking.

“I went back in 2 hours and she was brain-dead. Tubes all down her throat.”

Jennifer passed away the next day leaving behind two kids: Nicholas, 4, and Noah who was only 9 months at the time.

“I just don’t understand it. She was a healthy girl. I just don’t get it.”

Hamilton Health Sciences opened an investigation into Jennifer’s death and the death of Ashley Coville, 26, who died under very similar circumstances just weeks earlier. An expert from Toronto General Hospital who was also brought in to review the deaths has now made recommendations mainly focusing on emergency room care.

Dr Richard McLean of HHS: “Putting processes in place to provide care in a very timely manner to those who may have very subtle signs of illness. Shortening the window of time from when a person presents who is sick to when they actually get the definitive therapy.”

Shelley says she believes if doctors admitted Jennifer to hospital that first night, it would have saved her life.

Dr McLean says the next step is to develop an action plan to implement the recommendations. He says reviewing the processes will make a difference for future patients, but he can’t say if it would have made a difference for these two women.

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4 thoughts on “Hospital Probes Death Of Two Young Moms

  1. Christopher says:

    Im Jennifers husand and father of Nicholas n noah Jennifer should still b here with us we were let down by our healthcare system and some others who think they helped but did nothing and now seek money.we r disappointed on how some think they deserve money real classy people Jennifer didn’t knw or say she was gona die this and alot i false and absurd. Jennifer past away miserably only thing kept her happy was kids n myself .NO ONE ELSE HELPED OR CARED . Very sad situation .everyones prayers for kids and me r very warming and we thank you

  2. coville123 says:

    Christopher I pray for you and Noah and Nicholas that you all find peace and comfort someday and find a way to go on with your lives without Jennifer as painful as that ,is no one should expect money from your wifes death.The health care system failed Jennifer,and Ashly terribly it is such a tragedy.My heart goes out to you and your boys no one knows the loss of a mom.God has a plan for you and your boys as well as Ashly’s daughter Nicole.Matt:11:28Come to me all of you who are tired and have heavy loads,and I will give you rest.Jesus says he is the solution for weariness of soul.Don’t lose hope God’s still in control even when things in our lives are out of our control.So those seeking to gain from what they have no right to leave it with God at the foot of the cross and let Him take care of those people who are telling lies you will be victorious over them! In Jesus precious name Amen. God Bless !

    • Christopher says:

      thank u much so much Jennifer would have been disappointed totally t see n hear what people doing and try doing to hurt kids n me .true colors are showing. how do some say such false n totally not true things on what happened .its heartbreaking.there’s only one true story on what happened and i told it the way it was but i left out how i had to take care of jennifer and no help from the one person who should have been by her side every hour every second .guilt will eat away slowly i guarantee if anyones child is so sick sorry u don’t leave there side and not care And now demand money for pain n suffering lol gimme a break .how dare u .how dare u .Jennifer suffered in her last days so sick and nobody gave her the time of day other things were more important but now claim they done everything …in sickened .my heart broken forever. thanks to all the true people for it prayers Nicholas noah Christopher

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