Message In A Bottle Wedding Invitations.

Yes, a wedding invitation in the form of a message in a bottle is the latest trend to hit wedding planning. Mysterious, fun, and very unique… a message in a bottle wedding invitation really sets the tone for a whimsical destination or simply beach or just beach-themed wedding.•Do-it-totally-yourself: Simply visit your local craft store for bottles, corks, paper and ribbon. Print your “message” (invitation) on the paper, roll it up and place it in the bottle. Cork the bottle, label it and voila!

.. But not Only
I love this idea because it takes a very traditional aspect of a wedding and flips it into one of intrigue and adventure. It creates a “moment” long before the wedding even takes place. From destination weddings to formal affairs, couples can engage their guests and leave them with the anticipation of what excitement is yet to come…

You could use a diamond theme add fake diamonds into the bottom of your bottle and write diamonds are forever.Use sparkly red or pink hearts.Try ascending doves.I love the cross theme use cross confetti and write on your invitations each has a cross to bear but not alone.Use your imagination the skies the limit with these invitations.These are definitely very unique and won’t soon be forgotten !

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2 thoughts on “Message In A Bottle Wedding Invitations.

  1. Getting ideas for your wedding to have a touch of uniqueness is to have creative materials and invitations. That is why I like this post. Hope to read more about message in a bottle wedding invitations.

  2. This is stunningly creative. I love your post.Thanks for sharing. Hope to read more about message in a bottle wedding invitations.

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