OSPCA Profitable business,Or Helping Animals ?

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There should be more disclosure from animal protection agencies related to public dollars.The public who so willingly donates their hard earned dollars to help animals in need.The people have a right to know where their money is being spent.The OSPCA is a registered charity,but refuses to tell people what is planned with their public dollars.What do they have to hide ? The books should be open.
They receive funding from the government and private donors.The tax return filed with Ottawa in 2010 according to the OSPCA was 3.6 million.Yet the bulk of their funding comes from private donors which the OSPCA refuses to disclose. Sounds like a very profitable business to me.
They spend almost 1/2 of their annual budget on salaries.This report however does not list individual salaries.
The only salaries disclosed were for the CEO who gets 215,604,CGO gets 139,151,and the Chief operating officer receives 126,709 and these all come with taxable benefits.They have about 80 inspectors and agents,shelter workers,and administrative staff.
The OSPCA also spent 4.6 million in professional and consulting fees in 2010,but have yet to provide details as to who received these funds.
They are now asking for more money for more agents,investigators,administrators,legal fees,and housing for investigators on the road.They also want more money for black berries,internet sticks,and investigation software.
Give me a break.Why isn’t the public pushing to find out where and what their money is being spent on ? The OSPCA should be forced to open their books and be accountable to the public who so generously donates money to help animals in need.Not to pay lawyer fees when some investigator doesn’t follow the law and tramples the rights of a person,or because some inspector needs a black berry,or an internet stick.
Wake up taxpayers and private onors and hold the OSPCA accountable for your hard earned dollars.

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