Valenties Day Ideas.

valentines_pancakes_s2bandaid_valentine_sHang a glow stick on his car mirror if you can. Have a tape ready in the player so when he starts his car, the song “You Light Up My Life” starts playing. Write “priceless” in the card. Use the for sale column in the newspaper in the card.
Write “Dad’s an old smoothie, never rough on me.” Use sandpaper and silk in card.

Write “Where have you bean all my life.” Glue on a dried bean.

I have done this candy card for my husband a few times in 11 years. It is cheap and easy. All you need is a piece of poster board, a marker, and candy bars. Write a letter on the poster board to go with the candy. I use tape to put the candy on the poster board. My husband loves it! Here is the latest one I gave him:
I hope you SNICKER when you read this. I love you to PIECES (REESES). Your love is as exciting as getting 100 GRAND on PAYDAY to spend on 5th AVENUE. My HEART skips a beat each time you KISS (KISSABLES) me. You are a-MAZING and MOUNDS of fun. So sit back and TAKE 5 BABY (RUTH). Love your NUTRAGEOUS SWEETHEART!.

PS: I used a marker to darken the words on the candy I didn’t use such as ABLE on KISSABLES.

Source: I came up with the idea for a letter after seeing all the “one-liners” (You’re such a “SMARTIE”) out there.

Use bandaids and have the kids write on the bandaids with marker.
•I’m stuck on you

•Let’s stick together

•You make me feel better

•I’m there if you get in a scrape

They can add stickers on them or decorate with markers. Add a sucker to give with them.
Heart shaped pancakes are a perfect way to wake up your loved ones on Valentine’s day. You could even surprise them with a special flavor or topping too.
Just a few ideas for Valentines Day for those special people in your lives .HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERY ONE ENJOY !

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