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  1. Tracy thanks for the blessing of the reblog…quite a wondeful gesture. God bless!

  2. Kimberley BC says:

    I am so so sorry for your loss! I have two daughters and this is something i worry about daily, its every mother’s biggest fear. What a beautiful girl and such a sad and tragic loss. I have so much love and compassion for others and reading stuff like this makes me truly hurt for them. I don’t know you, but I feel like crying , i will be thinking of you and pray for you that you will be able to find ways through loving those she left behind to move on enough that you can feel happy and think about her with love and positive thoughts, knowing she wouldn’t want you to be in pain and knowing you honor her most by living life to the fullest, with lots of love around you.
    The eight year anniversary of my very close friend. Grants. tragic death is March 8th. I am close with his mother, i am amazed and admire her so much for her strength, i have watched her come through this and remember how broken she was, i know her pain will never heal, she cries often, but she also smiles and laughs and speaks of her oldest son easily and is living life to the best she can, loving her husband and the siblings Grant left behind, never takes a moment for granted. Grant is the second child she has lost, her and Grants father had five, now there are three. It will get better…….we should never have to outlive our children, again, words cannot express how i feel for you. God Bless
    take care, my thoughts are with your entire family.

    • Kimberley BC says:

      i actually meant to leave my former comment on your post, the loss of our daughter, ive left it under the wrong one. sorry.

    • coville123 says:

      So nice for you to take the time to leave a comment I have seven children and worry constantly about them all I am taking it day by day thanks for your compassion and prayers.

      • Kimberley BC says:

        my mom comes from a family with seven children, she is the oldest. my dad’s has six. i love big families!
        my friend was tragically killed on march 8, 2005 at the gas station where we worked together, he was hit by a gas and run and dragged to his death. he was only 24 and im now very close with his mother, she and her husband had five children, they now have three because before Grant was killed, they lost his little brother who was still born.
        she is one of the strongest people i know, her and grants father are still together and raising the three children they still have they have a very strong and loving family, all though the loss of a child is the worst thing in the world, the family getting through it together and staying together is the strongest family you will ever know.
        i hope the same for yours……

      • coville123 says:

        Thanks so much it does make some families stronger.I am very sorry for the loss of your friend terrible death.God bless you and your friends family.

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