Lip Smacking Fun.

You will need lipgloss pots that you can find at the dollar store.Use some nice paper to make labels for your gloss.
Put about 1 tbls of vaseline or enough to fill your gloss pots , leave a little room at the top.
Put your vaseline in the microwave only until it turns to liquid, about 2 minutes. If your making chocolate gloss start by adding about 1/2 tsp get rid of the lumps first.If you want the gloss darker add more. Then stir well and put in microwave another 20 seconds, stir again.Add to your gloss pot and glue on a nice label.
If you want flavoured, and coloured gloss just add 1/8 of tsp of kool-aid for every 2 tbls of vaseline ,and just mix it up well.Try strawberry, blueberry, or whatever flavour you like. Add to your gloss pots.
You can also just add about 1 tbls of vaseline to a bowl. Then use eyeshadow of different colours. Scrape it into your vaseline and stir until you get the desired colour.
These make great little gifts.

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