The Coolest Clay Pot Gifts.

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A decorated clay pot can become many,many cool things.I love these ideas.I am making the candy machine as we speak,that’s how much I loved this idea! You can do these to match your decor,or holiday themes which is great.
Use as pen and pencil holders to organize your desk,cookie jars,jewlery boxes,tooth brush holder,and use the lid as a soap holder.Pretty much anything you want to put in them.
To make the clay pot apple,frankenstein,turkey craft,polka dot pot,bell craft for your christmas tree,bird bath,clay pot stand,decoupage with candy wrappers,and crayon wrappers.I am going to try hershey bar wrappers.Clay pot winter friends,cow,bumble bee,frog,and pilgrim hat go to clay pot apple is so adorable and thrifty as a teachers gift.
I get excited over these ideas.I know I should get a life right?
To make clay pot people,and clay pot butterflies and others not listed here go to
The snowmen pots are so cute just use styrofoam balls for the head this one is self explanatory.
To make the mini pots of gold party favours go to for a tutorial.
The skys the limit with clay pots.I hope these ideas have you inspired.Some of these make great gift ideas.Just decorate the pots,and fill with treats or little gift items.Put on the lid and tie on a nice ribbon.You have a real frugal gift,but nice.
The next post will be a tutorial for the faux bubble gum,or candy clay pot.

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2 thoughts on “The Coolest Clay Pot Gifts.

  1. I genuinely enjoy your blog, but the lack of space after punctuation is driving me nuts. (I may be “slightly” OCD, for the record, but… yeah.)

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