Cool DIY Nails For Halloween.

Here is six diy ways to decorate your nails for halloween.These are so cool I love the candy corn idea! They are really easy to do as well.
Frankenstein nails all you need is green,and black nail polish plus you will need a toothpick for the details.Apply two coats of green nail polish,once dry use a toothpick to create hair spikes at the base of your nail.Then add a horizontal line near the tip of your nail for the mouth,and cross it with two or three vertical lines to look like stitches.Then use your toothpick to dot on two eyes,and your done!
This one is really easy just paint your nails black,and when dry dab on two white dots with a toothpick.Then dab black polish for pupils.
For the blood splatter look paint your nails white,be sure to tape the outer edges of your fingers this is messy! Then dip your straw into red polish and blow on the other end of the straw and splat.
Do two tone colours and stitching.Choose two of your favourite spooky colours,try a glow in the dark bright colour,and use a black nail pen for stitching.
Moustache nails begin with a nude base,and white tip same as a french manicure.Use a dotting tool to make two circles in black side by side,then go back with a thin brush to create the curl in the mustache.So cute!
I saved the best for last candy corn nails! Use nubar foundation coat for your nail.Then paint three seperate horizontal lines using two coats of each colour.Yellow,orange,and white.Finish with a clear coat for a glossy finish.

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One thought on “Cool DIY Nails For Halloween.

  1. kz says:

    these are so cute. i wouldn’t mind sporting those looks even when it’s not Halloween! ❤

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