Weekly Writing Challenge Kids Kids Kids

I have seven children,and it would definitely depend on the environment of the place I was taking them to.I believe there is many well behaved children with great manners that should be allowed to go out to a nice restaurant,and other places.A night at a bar,horror movies,or any place that would be inappropiate no.
If you have a child you know will not be polite,or cooperative,and has a penchant for taking loud screaming fits,then I suggest heading to Mc Donalds,or get a sitter.You probably need a break anyway.
As a parent with so many children when I am out in a nice restaurant I want some peace and quiet.I do not want to hear some child who is laying on the floor squealing,and kicking his or her legs in a tantrum.While mom,or dad tries to get hold of the situation.Some mom’s just believe in ignoring the tantrum anyway.
I learned some time ago from experience leave the youngr ones at home.I once had a child who was mind you being very well behaved,but to my horror threw up all over the table.It was so embarrassing,but the waitress was great,and she helped me clean it quickly.Then I got the hell out of there,but not before leaving her a big fat tip!

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5 thoughts on “Weekly Writing Challenge Kids Kids Kids

  1. djmatticus says:

    I remember one outing to a restaurant when I was very young: I spilled my water glass and the waiter came and helped clean it up, my older brother spilled his water glass and once again the waiter was on hand to quickly clean it up… and then my mom spilled her glass. I’m pretty sure we were out the front door 30 seconds after that.

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