Nifty Frugal Tips.


Three tips for today the first is prove it’s your child’s bike.When you purchase a bike for your child remove the handle bar grip, insert your name and phone number on a piece of a paper, then slip inside the handle grip. Place it back on the bike.That way if the bike is ever stolen you can prove it’s your bike.

The next one is if you loose the back to your earring, just break off a piece of an eraser,and use it as a back to hold the earring in place.Then you have a quick fix for your earring.I am constantly losing my earring backs so have used this one quite a bit.

Use old bind ringers as hooks.I have so many old binders around that I decided to use them as hooks.I have them in every closet, and they work well.You could spray paint them if you wanted  a decorative look. 

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