Nifty Tricks And Tips.


Here is three little nifty tricks,and tips.The first is use an empty suntan lotion container when going to the beach,or pool.You can keep your cell phone,keys,and money safe in it.It will keep them contained and dry.

The second tip is to cut ice-cream into shapes with cookie cutters into your desired shapes.Then store in a tupperware container in the freezer.Then when your ready to serve the cake the icecream is pr-ready,plus it will look nice.

Little girls like to play with pretend make-up, but it is hard to find faux make-up anywhere.You end up buying the real kid’s stuff,and it’s messy.You can take an empty eyeshadow,or blush container using coloured nail polish pour into the make up pots.Let dry.Then add make-up brushes for them,no mess!

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