Gone Are The Days….. Weekly Writing Challenge.


So much has changed from the 70’s up until now.The technology is amazing.Somethings for the better,and some are not.Gone is the days of that ugly black dial phone,can’t say I miss it.Good riddens to the record player,big floor model televisions with the rabbit ears you had to play with for hours to get a clear picture.You were lucky to get 4 channels,and oh we had to get up to change the channel.

The biggest movie to come on tv during the 70’s was Jaws.I still can’t swim in the river without thinking about him coming! Grease was another top movie of the 70’s we had to wait at least a year for it to leave theaters,before we could watch it on television.Cartoons only came on Saturday mornings.

Those were the days when candy was only a penny.You could buy a coke,and bag of chips for 25 cents.Your parents could send you to the store to buy cigarettes for them.

Bell bottoms were the coolest things to wear with a pair of pepsi cola shoes.How cool was that! Women walked around with rollers in their hair most of the time,I don’t think anyone had a curling iron ,then that I know of.

Parents smoked around their kid’s, no one thought anything of it at that time.You could smoke right in your hospital room.

We didn’t have to wear seat belts,and car seaters were not even thought of.We could jump all over the car from the back to the front seat when dad wasn’t with us.

Mom’s could run into supermarkets and leave all the kid’s in the car unsupervised without the fear of being arrested, and ending up on the six o clock news.Although I did hit the stick shift once,and we were rolling down the hill towards a pole.Anyway my mother spotted us through the window.I doubt she’s ever ran as fast since.

You were spanked when you were bad and you didn’t dare threaten to call the police for it.The strap was still being used in schools which kept most of us in line.

The tennis game with the little white ball that just went back and forth on the screen was one of the most exciting christmas presents we received one year.

Shaun Cassidy was the love of our lives at that time,with his hit song the da run run.

You could ride your bike without a helmet,and doube ride,even triple ride, you just put someone on the handle bars.

The horse at the supermarket for a dime was a big hit.We also drove in cars big as boats.We have come so far in such a short period of time with technology it’s unbelievable.

This challenge has been fun!

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