Cool Pop Bottle Piggy Bank.


This little piggy started as a coke bottle at the market.This is a really cute craft idea for the kid’s to make.It’s all from recycled material and quite inexpensive to do.

Cut out eyes,ears,and nostrils from construction paper.The ears you cut should have tabs at the bottom, so you can attach them.Attach everything with double sided tape.Then tape construction paper in your choice of colour around the body.Then hot glue on empty thread spools for the legs.Cut out a slot at the top for coins.Also cut a small hole into the back part of your bottle to insert a pipe cleaner as a tail.Twist to make it curly.The kid’s now have a cute piggy bank.

Three more uses for empty bottles is to use them as an icepack next time you go on a picnic.Fill bottles half full put into freezer ,and add to your cooler next time you need it.

Second fill a bottle full of water and place in the back of the toilette, you will end up using less water when you flush.You will save money on your water bill.

The third use is to cut the top of the bottle off ,and use it as a funnel.Very handy!

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