Spooky Web Art for the Kid’s.

Image                                                                                         Spend some time having fun with the kid’s making these cool spider webs to hang around the house.My kid’s really had fun doing these.All you need is black construction paper,glue,and un-cooked rice.

Using your glue start at the top corner and draw a line to the bottom of the opposite corner.Do the same on the other two corners you should have an X.Draw a line with your glue from the center of one side to the opposite side.Do the same with the other two sides you should now have a plus sign and an X on your paper.

about an inch from the intersection of the paper,draw a circle with glue,or an octagon.An inch from the circle draw another circle around it.Keep doing this until you get to the edge of the paper.Cover all the glue with rice on your paper.Then let the glue dry.Lift up the paper to allow excess rice to come off.I suggest doing this over newspaper.

Happy crafting!

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