Greed,Greed,and more Greed.

The wall street occupy movement for me symbolized them against us,sort of mentality.The rich against the poor,and even middle class.The people against a corrupt government,and corporations controlled by the rich.

I learned as many of us have that the person with the most money is definitely the boss.Wages have decreased for the working class,while the ceo’s pay is out of control.The rich are also paying less taxes.Wall street was paid over 8.6 trillion in bail outs,while main street was only paid 1.8 trillion.This is definitely not fairness,or equal distribution of funds.No wonder people are finally coming together,no wonder their angry.

People who are working,and the ones who work the hardest are being paid the lowest.While the rich sit in cushy offices,and collect ridiculous paychecks,because of these workers.Instead of sharing some of the wealth that these workers create for them.They have only gotten greedier,and greedier.So they are undermining the goals of the working class people,and using them for their own gain.

Occupy Wall street is about manipulation,and corruption on wall street.They are ruthless people who gamble on other peoples lives.It’s about corporations who take everything,but give nothing back.

They have moved job’s overseas,and pay people slave wages,and still charge ridiculous prices for merchandise.Again it’s the rich exploiting the poor for their own gain.This is greed at it’s finest,and it’s wrong! wrong! wrong! In turn their taking away jobs from their own people.

The big corporations have corrupted our government.People are voting,but are not being represented.The politicians tell the people what they want to hear,then follow the agenda of the people with the most money.

The WSO movement was a bunch of people who came together peacefully to make a change.The NYPD should be ashamed of themselves.The police were promoting violence with protestors,and trying to silence their voices every step of the way.

They don’t realize by enforcing a system of corruption and greed that someday their children and grandchildren will have to live with.

Police sworn to serve and protect were using violence,and corruption by sending in drug dealer’s,drunks,and rapists.In order to make the protesters look like the bad guy’s.If this was not corruption at it’s finest,then I do not know what is.

The people who came together only want fairness,and equal distribution of the wealth that they help create,more and better jobs,and to reduce the influence of corporations in politics,and bank reform.Is this such a bad thing to ask for fairness,and equality?

This is definitely a global problem,and will only get worse,because money talks.The rich will continue to get richer at our expense.You will probably see America brought to it’s knees economically.Thanks to greed.

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