Frankenstein Pudding Cups.

Image                                                                        Image                                    Frankenstein pudding cups great for Halloween parties for both young ,and old alike.Who doesn’t like jello pudding?These are quick and easy to make,giving you more time with the zillion other things you probably have to do!

So first make your vanilla pudding per your box instructions.Then just add a couple of drops of green food colouring until you reach the desired colour.Then put your oreo cookies into a baggy, be sure it is sealed closed,and use a small hammer to crush into oreo dirt.

Then draw faces onto your clear cups to resemble Frankenstein.Fill with pudding and pour some oreo dirt on top, it will then look like Frankenstein has some hair.Kid’s will love it!

You can also use chocolate pudding in clear cups.Put a layer of oreo dirt at the bottom,add a few gummy worms for a surprise,then some chocolate pudding,more oreo dirt,and worms,another layer of pudding, and dirt on top.Then put some gummy worms hanging over the sides.Really cute,fast,easy,and tasty!

Another version is use vanilla pudding with some red food colouring,to make blood pudding.Add some strawberries in the bottom,then fill the rest with pudding.Add a scoop of whip cream.Then dip a tooth pick in red food colouring and draw blood lines in the cream.You can also put an eyeball gumball in the bottom for a little treat.

These are all great for halloween desserts!


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