Save Money on Clothes.


Before you head out shopping try using clothes you already have by upcycling them.This is becoming pretty popular these days.Give clothes a whole new look.If your bored with a long dress make it into a short one.Plain tops can be customized in countless ways by bleaching,dying,shredding,cropping,appliques,and embroidery.Alot of embellishments can be bought at the dollar store real cheap.Buying second hand items is another great way to save money.Some clothes have hardly ever been worn.Dress up clothing with patches sewed onto clothing.Take an old pocket from a pair of jeans to cover up a stain on another pair of jeans in good shape.Sew beads, and sequins onto the cuffs of a shirt,or to line the edge of a pocket.Adult clothing can be trimmed down to make child’s clothing.Old clothes should be thought of as un-claimed fabric, and ideas will begin to flow.Tie dye old stuff gives it a whole new look,or just change the colour of an outfit with rit dye.Go to for seven upcycled children’s designs one is a dress out of a pillow case amazing! Another is, she made a skirt from a table cloth,a t-shirt into a dress,and a pair of cargo pants into a messenger bag, and more.Always accesorize it’s cheap ,and changes the look of an out fit.Just adding a coloured scarf or belt can change the look of an out fit.

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