Liven Up School Lunches.


Here is seven super healthy lunch ideas for back too school too liven up the most boring lunches.Kid’s will look forward to lunch ,and those un-eaten sandwiches will become a thing of the past.1)Try whole wheat pita pocket with tuna salad, and a little mayonaise,sliced celery,milk ,and a piece of fruit.2) Plain yogurt, add some low fat granola and raisins ,with some carrot sticks.Apple slices with a cup of peanut butter if your allowed pb ,with a bottle of water.3)Make a chicken salad sandwiche with lettuce,a plum,a box of raisins with a bottle of water.4)Turkey breast on whole wheat with lettuce,tomatoe,and honey mustard.Brocoli florets with salad dressing for a dip.A pear and bottle of water.5) Whole grain crackers with ham and swiss cheese,sliced olives,and sliced strawberries with chocolate milk.6)English muffin with tomato,mozzarella cheese slice,a hard boiled egg,an orange cut into four slices,100% fruit leather with vegetable juice blend.7)Whole wheat pita with chicken salad mixed with mayo,grapes,coleslaw, and milk.These lunches are packed full of nutrients as well as being low fat.

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