School Clothing and Supply List.

Image Grade kindegarten to grade 10 clothing list.Go through the closets to see what you need.This is what the kid’s should start out with,1pair of running shoes,flats or dress shoes,jeans 3 pairs,khaki pants 1 pair,4-5 t-shirts,long sleeved shirts 3 pairs,2-3 sweaters,leggings and track pants 2-3,skirt or a dress 2-3,tights 3 pairs,7 socks,7 undies,1 jacket, and one rain coat.Supplies for kindegarten to grade 3 ,1 glue stick,tape,paper,pencils,crayons,markers,coloured pencils,pencil case,lunch bag, and containers,and a back pack.Grade 4-10 supplies lined paper,2-3 binders with multi subject dividers,pencil case,blue pens,eraser,markers,pencils,pencil sharpener,calculator,ruler,combination lock,agenda/calendar,lunch bag and containers,and a back pack.Hope this makes your shopping trip much  easier.

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