Health Hazard’s in Underarm Cosmetics.

ImageImageImage                            After finding out what was in my toothpaste,I became a little suspicious of my deodorant so decided to find out what’s in it.Aluminum compounds are the key ingredients in almst all deodorants.Aluminum and other chemicals are taken into the body ,and may affect the endocrine,and lymphatic systems.The powerful astringents that close the pores,and stop the sweat,and odour from escaping the body,but inside the toxins that would have escaped have no where to go.Which in turn can cause problems with sweat glands,and lymph glands.Aluminum is a toxin,and has been linked too alzheimers disease,brain disorders and is a possble risk factor for breast cancer.Also proplene glycol which is used in many personal care products.I think I have read that ingredients on my lip gloss if I am not mistaken.It is also used in hydraulic brake fluid Yum! Yum! It advises against making contact with your skin.Okay so no more deodorant for me unless I make it myself thank-you.I found 2 recipes for homemade deodorants,and some natural deodorants you can buy,and two other alternatives instead of using deodorants.Use 1/4 cup of baking soda make sure it is aluminum free,1/4 cup of aeroroot powder,or cornstarch,6 tablespoons of coconut oil.Then mix and mash it working it into a paste,until you get the right consistency.Put into a sealed container,or an old deodorant one.Be sure too wash it out first.The next recipe is 3 tbls of shea butter,3 tbls of baking soda,2 tbls of corn starch,2 tbls of cocoa butter,2 vitamin e capsules squeeze the oil out of them,and essential oil.Melt all ingredients except oils ,and stir.Then mix in the oils,pour mixture into a container put in the fridge to set.Will make 1/4 of a pint jar.Citric acid in lemon juice can kill odours causing bacteria,and some people use lemon slices as deodorant.Just swipe a lemon slice under your arm.It is definitely worth a try.You can also fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol, and spritz under your arms with it.It kills odour causing bacteria.You can add essential oil if you want scent.Here is a few natural deodorants you can buy Burt’s Bees,Jason,Trader Joe’s,Kiss my face are companies that offer aluminum free deodorants.

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