Homemade Gardener Hand Scrub.

ImageImageIt’s that time of year again finally,when we get to spend time tending our garden’s.If you don’t wear gloves your hands can get pretty dirty ,and stained.Here’s a tip to keep the dirt from under your finger nails,stick your finger nails into a bar of soap, so the soap is all under your finger nails.Then when your done gardening wash out the soap from your nails.Here is a recipe for a hand scrub this is really nice, and leaves your hands really clean.It really gives you a good scrub.Use 3/4 cup of white sugar ,and add dish soap.Then stir you don’t want it too runny.If it is too runny just add more sugar.I used the green dish soap,but try pink,and purple soaps.Look’s really nice,and makes a great gift.Just put it into a nice jar,and tie a ribbon onto it.

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2 thoughts on “Homemade Gardener Hand Scrub.

  1. lazybeautyblog says:

    Excellent simply scrub idea! You can substitute castile soap if you have sensitive skin or don’t use dish soap 🙂

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