Okay Now I am Afraid too Brush My Teeth.

Image                                                                                                       What are we putting into ourselves.We spend thousands of dollars a year on beauty products,and hygiene stuff.That are full of poison chemicals we cannot even pronounce.All were really paying for is alot of fancy packaging ,and a whole lot of poison chemicals.These products don’t even accomplish what they claim too anyway! We are bombarded with one advertisement after another on tv of what they claim we can’t live without.Most of these things you can make homemade ,and it does not require alot of time.It can be made with stuff you already have in your pantry.Modern tooth paste was invented by Dr Washington Wentworth Seffield ,in 1850.People used all kinds of techniques too remove stains ,and food particles from their teeth years ago.In China they used ground fish bones,in desert areas it was sand,African’s chewed certain leaves,or roots.Western culture experimented with a number of acids ,and other corrosive mixtures.The first recipe for tooth paste came from Egypt and had ingredients like rock salt,mint,dried iris,and pepper.Would anyone like a kiss? Ground fish bones must have made for really fresh breath.In 1850 tooth paste was first sold in tubs.Dr Seffields son came across paints being sold in metal tubes which sparked a great idea for him. In 1892 they starting selling tooth paste in the metal tubes.                                        Here is a few of your tooth pastes ingredients.Sodium laurel sulphate is a foaming agent which can penetrate the skin and enter the blood stream, and be carried too every organ.It is a suspected liver toxin,and increases your chances for oral cancer.Titanium dioxide even sounds scary.This is a stain remover,and can cause cancer.It is used too neutralize the ph of other ingredients.It contributes to mouth ulcers,and if ingested in large amounts and can cause vomitting,and diarrhea.Get this one it is being used as a drain cleaner! Then there is propylene glycol which can penetrate the skin and if ingested can harm your liver,and kidneys! Come on if ingested we put this in our mouthes! Fluoride in tooth paste is classified as a poison! What? A family size tube ingested by a child could be lethal.Fluoride overdose is linked to thyroid problems,osteoporosis and cancer.Okay now I am afraid too brush my friggin teeth.Maybe it is time for a good old fashioned recipe here is one I am going to making asap, 4 tablespoons of glycerin,6 tablespoons of baking soda,stevia sweetener a pinch (optional),peppermint oil 1 drop,food colour 1 drop (optional).Then mix all together, and keep in an airtight container.You can double up this recipe as well.

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3 thoughts on “Okay Now I am Afraid too Brush My Teeth.

  1. lazybeautyblog says:

    Awesome post! I’m always excited to see people recognizing the actual chemical dangers we put ourselves in every day with the commercial products we use. If you’re looking a quick and simple chemical-free teeth whitener, I have two: http://dft.ba/-2R-i and http://dft.ba/-2R-j

  2. […] Okay Now I am Afraid too Brush My Teeth. (savedollarblog.wordpress.com) […]

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