Summer Fun Bucket.

Here is 10 tips for your summer fun bucket.Try body art,have the kid’s put on their bathing suits and paint each other with tempera paint.Add a squirt of dish soap to the tempera paint and give the kid’s paint brushes.Rinse off in the hose when your done! Lots of fun.Image                             Play the memory game.You can keep switching the items too play over,and over again.Add 15 objects onto a tray and let the kid’s look at them for two minutes.Then give them a paper and pen to write down as many items as they can remember.                                                                                                     Play jump rope,double dutch,or just regular skipping.Time each child too see how long they last in the rope.Also use single ropes,and see who can jump the longest.It is great exercise and fun all at the same time.Image                                                                                                             Use hula hoops.Time the kid’s and see how long they last.Then lay the hoops around the yard,Image and use them for a small obstacle course,jumping in them and over them.Also try using more than one at once.                                                                                        Pack a lunch and everyone grab their bikes for a nice long ride.Stop at a park for lunch,and a little playtime.Image                                                                                                 Try creating a comic strip,or story book.Have the kid’s go through magazines,and newspapers to cut out interesting things.Tell them to have a story theme in mind.Once they order their pictures have them glue onto several pieces of white paper.Leave room for their story.Then when done staple the book together.Make sure they have a title page.                                                                                            Do marble painting,put marbles into each different colour paint.Using a spoon put the marble onto a paper plate and roll around the plate for a nice design.Repeat with each colour.Image                                                                                                    Paint with fruit and sponges.Cut the fruit in half and carve designs in the fruit with a tooth pick or dads tools.The deeper the cut the better the design.Provide different coloured paints on paper plates,and lots of paper.Happy painting!Image                                                                                                             Have a game of basketball if you don’t have a hoop go to a park where they have one.You can also just use a large basket ,and stand far back from it. Draw a line on the grass ,and try to get it in the basket.Use a storage container for this so your basket doesn’t fall over.                                                 Gather small rocks from all over the yard.Let the kid’s paint them with acrylic paint.kid’s can stack them,sort or design with them.Make pyramids,circles in the grass,or paths with the rocks.They can also practice counting with them.Image

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