Summer Fun Bucket.

Here is your 3 summer fun tips for your bucket.Do an outside obstacle course.This is great for exercise,and using all those muscles.You lead them through the obstacle course.Tell them to start with 5 bunny hops,have them swing on the swing while you count,then go up and down the slide.If your not in a park just use what you have.Put a couple of sticks a few feet apart and have them jump over them.Have a bucket of rocks with a spoon in it, have them transfer it to another bucket a few feet away.Do jumping jacks 5 times.Have a spot with balls in it, they have to toss all the balls in the bucket.Put a skipping rope on the ground, and have them walk a tight rope.The kid’s will love your attention,just use your imagination.You can also use a timer too see who does it the fastest.Image                                      Do water balloon pinatas.Put a couple of little treats in the balloons before filling them up with water.The fuller the balloon the easier it will break.Hang them with rope, not yarn it won’t hold them.Use a stick to wack them with,and let everyone have a turn.Then use any leftover balloons ,and have a water fight.Image                                                          Make a dad pen holder.You will need an empty 2 quart milk carton.Cut the milk carton 4 inches from the bottom.Give the kid’s some glue and different shaped pasta.Have them decorate all sides of the carton.Help them spell dad on one side of the container with pasta.Let it dry.Then take it outside and spray paint it gold.It’s something dad can use for a long time.Image

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