Summer Fun Bucket.

Kick off your summer with an icecream pajama planning party.Give everyone a piece of paper and ask each person what they would like to do for the summer.Then decide what’s do able for your family.Then you can make a list of the things you are planning on doing.Whatever you do don’t forget too serve the icecream.                                                                                                                                              Make a mud pie kitchen outside for the kiddies.They’ll love this one.Get old pots,and pans,containers,spoons,shovels,muffin tins,milk jugs and ,old margarine containers.Then add a little water to the mix and watch the worms come too the surface.Make mud pies ,get dirty and have some good old fashioned fun.Just have a bucket of warm water ready too clean everyone off afterwards,or use the hose to rinse them off.                                                                                                                                             Image                                                 Make wind chimes out of all different sized cans.Tape around the edges of the can’s with masking tape too avoid sharp edges.Then let the kid’s paint the cans on the outside of them.Then sprinkle with some glitter.When dry punch holes in the bottom of the cans.String a long piece of yarn through holes,and tie two washers onto the end of the sring inside the cans.Hang them up so they over lap each other.ImageImage

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