Rid your House of Ants Naturally.

ImageIt is that time of year again,and if you get ants it’s a big pain in the you now where.Here are proven tips to get rid of these pests.First use a solution of 50-50 vinegar,and water,to wipe down counters or surfaces where you have seen ants.Do this a few times throughout the day.Ants hate the smell of vinegar,and it also removes the scent trails they use to get around.                                                                                                                                                       Sprinkle baby powder across the place where ants are getting in,it’s a good repellent they hate it,and will not cross the line of powder.You can mix equal parts borax with either syrup or jelly.Place it on paper and roll it up.Keep away from pets,and kid’s.Borax kills the ants when they eat it.                                                                                                                                                        One I have used with great success is cinnamon.Sprinkle it in drawers,cabinets,pantry anywhere you see ants.Also black pepper,garlic,and salt will work.It keeps them out.Sprinkle used coffee grounds around your house the outside of course.Ants and cats hate the smell.                                                                                                                                                  Leave cucumber,or citrus peels in drawers or cuboards.Citrus peels are toxic to ants.It will repell them.I found when I first moved into my home 3 years ago I had alot of ants.I used these remedies and each year I notice less,and less ants.When I cleaned the pantry I only seen 2 ants I .wash with vinegar and I sprinkle cinnamon and salt around.Try these out and let me know how they worked for you.Good luck.

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