Having Trouble with Monsters.

ImageWhen my oldest son was little, he use to be scared to sleep in his room. He thought there were monsters under his bed, or in his closet. So one day I filled a spray bottle up with water and added a little vanilla, about 1 tsp. I wrote on the bottle “monster spray”, I also added a picture on it of Cookie Monster with an X drawn over him. So every night we would spray under his bed and in the closet. I would leave the spray on his dresser in case he felt he needed it. It worked wonders! Some people will tell you not to do this because it confirms that there is monsters.Sometimes you just cannot convince a child there is no monsters no matter what you tell them.So if it gives them a piece of mind,what’s the harm in it?                                                                                                                                                      My son is now 21 and he still keeps his bottle of monster spray on his dresser.We still haven’t been able to convince him nothing is lurking in his closet.Okay,I’m kidding about this part! He turned out perfectly normal.

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