Bad Breath and Your Dog.

ImageHave you ever been the recipient of a big wet sloppy,loving, kiss from your pet,and their breath is not as sweet as they intended the kiss to be.It’s not their fault he just forgot to brush. One time we were at the beach and we had our dog scrappy with us.Believe me this pup would eat anything,he stumbled upon a dead fish that was flattened into the ground and must of been dead 10 years, or so.Well we chased him trying to stop him from eating his catch which we failed at miserably.So scrappy jumped into the back seat, and us in the front,we were not to pleased with him.Then he slapped us with an even bigger insult he belched right between us.Well the smell was hideous.So I had to brush his teeth when we arrived home. I used two teaspoons of baking soda,1/4 teaspoon of water,and just a drop of olive oil,then mix it all together it will turn into a paste.Then go ahead and brush your pets teeth.It will keep his teeth,and gums healthy,and fresher breath. You can give your dog extra calcium just dry egg shells in the oven at 250 degrees F for 30 minutes.Then crush the shells and add to your pets food.It is also good for the birds.

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