Many uses for Aloe Gel

ImageI have always known that aloe vera gel from my plants were a good healing plant for scrapes,burns,and wounds.It has been used for thousands of years.I have since discovered many more uses for this plant. Aloe absorbs quick through the skin,and reduces swelling as well as pain.It works well for sprains,muscle pain,and arthritis.Just rub the gel all over the sore area.I squeeze the gel into ice cube trays and freeze.So you can also use it as an ice pack.I use it for headaches it is very soothing.I use the ice cubes on my eyes when their swollen from allergies,or just lack of sleep.The ice cube of aloe is especially soothing if someone has a minor burn.You can also just keep the gel in the fridge and rub it on cotton balls to use as a compress for your eyes.It is also a great make-up remover. This is one of my favourites aloe gel reduces wrinkles because aloe regenerates skin cells.Use it for eczema,acne,and sun age spots. Apply gel to sunburns,blisters,cold sores,rashes,and insect bites.It helps fight bacteria,and avoid infection.It is excellent for cleansing,and tightening your pores.Use the gel as shave gel it keeps legs smooth,and reduces irritation from shaving. Another favourite use I discovered is it prevents or fades stretch marks.Rub the gel on the stretch marks and let it dry.Apply daily. Apply gel to your hair it’s great for dandruff,psorrasis,and hair loss from these conditions.Use it in place of your normal hair gel.Comb small amounts through your hair and style as usual. It also helps damaged,or diseased gums it will help with swelling and pain.It also helps fight tooth decay,and reduces plaque.There is so many more uses that I did not include.I am planning on buying a few more plants for wrinkles.I will let you know how it works!

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