Frugal Fun for Bored Kids.

ImageGetting tired of hearing I’m bored,I certainly am.Well here is a few ideas that won’t cost too much if anything at all.One thing I do is give them a roll of yellow tape,if you don’t have any use masking tape.Let the kid’s make long lines for roads,and little lines in the middle of the roads as a divider.Then they can play with their cars and action figures.It’s also good for making parking spots on the floors for toddlers who have ride on toys.Just use two long lines of tape so their ride on toy fits in the middle.Then they can practice parking.If your outside use chalk for roads,and parking spaces.This is a sure hit with the kid’s.They will have many hours of fun!                                                                                                                                            Frugal play food fun.I have bought many play food kits over the years now that I look back on it,so wasteful.Just save some empty food boxes,tape them closed.Use empty cereal,cake mix boxes,ketchup bottles plastic of course ,egg cartons the possibilities are endless.You can change the food items around when you see the kid’s getting tired of them.Invest in a shopping cart for about ten bucks,or just give them a basket you already have.Set them up a little grocery store.For older ones use play money,and price the items for them.Give them a grocery list,or let them make their own.                                                                                                                                                        I know some kid’s love to dress up.My five,and seven year old love it.I never know what or who they are going to be on any given day.Batman,spiderman,cat women,a princess.It gives them many hours of fun.I buy Halloween costumes after Halloween.I have bought 25.00 costumes for two bucks.You can also find dress up items at the thrift store.Buy some dollar store accesories to add to their costumes.Make a dress up box as gifts for kid’s on your christmas list.Decorate a nice box,and fill it up with reduced costumes after Halloween!   

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3 thoughts on “Frugal Fun for Bored Kids.

  1. Andrew says:

    I call next turn! But I’m using batmobile.

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